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Your Home Is An Investment

Whether your condo is a first-buy or a forever home, it’s an asset you need to protect. If you have a mortgage, you likely carry Condo Insurance. If you don’t, it’s time to get the right coverage. Not only will AIS Insurance Specialists shop for the best and most inclusive rates, but we can also find you multi-policy discounts when you bundle your Condo Insurance with your Auto Insurance.

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Basic Coverages

A Condo Insurance policy can protect you against theft, interior water damage or injury-related claims against you. It generally covers from “the walls in” while your Condo Association Insurance will cover the exterior and the common areas.

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Additional Coverages

Most condo owners have Condo Association Insurance, which they pay through association fees. This type of policy covers damage to the building around your unit, common areas and the like. It does not cover theft of personal property, interior water damage or injury-related claims.

Understanding Condo Insurance

Your condo is a valuable asset that needs to be financially protected from the inside out. Get better peace of mind that you'll be covered in the case of any unforeseen events like windstorms, theft, vandalism and more. There is also additional coverage available if you're renovating your condo.

You can't predict the future, but you can be prepared for it. With Condo Insurance, you'll also be covered if someone gets injured in your home. 

What Are My Condo Insurance Coverage Options?

Why Do You Need AIS?

Your condo is different from a house, so it requires special protection. At AIS, we seek out the policy that best matches your budget and needs. We partner with multiple high-quality insurance companies to find you the right protection. After you’re insured, we are here to mediate between you and the carrier or to change insurance companies if desired. If you bundle your Condo and Auto Insurance policies, you may qualify for a multi-policy discount. Our agents are here to find every price-break available.

Additional Insurance Coverages To Bundle

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save money on insurance for all your assets? At AIS, we find you affordable coverage for your car, home, recreational vehicles, business and more.

We compare the best rates from trusted carriers, so you know you’re getting the best protection for the best price. Our Insurance Specialists can help you bundle your policies for a discount, too. Finding multiple ways to save money on your insurance premiums is what we do best.

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